Quit to study or Keep labor job?

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HI, Jabber,

Nice to talk with you and other friends.

I am a new immigrant and am working in a factory as a labour worker. In China, I am a computer engineer, although I havenot a bachalor of CS. After landing in Canda, I feel the life is hard for me. So I chose a general labour work to survive, meanwhile, I posted my resume on internet.

2 months has passed, and I just got several meetings with agencies and one interview with US company by phone. In the last month, the bell is quiet, so I am worried about my future. Last week, my friend found a professional job and suggested for quitting the present work and study some advanced knowlege of JAVA. He got the job as a JAVA programmer.

I am think it over and consider too much, so far, i havenot decided whether I quit.You know, I have to ern money to release the financial pressure.

By the way, I am applying for the position of C++ software developer. According to the preceding information, Could you give me some valubale opints?


Your Sincerely,

<本文发表于: 相约加拿大:枫下论坛 www.rolia.net/f >

2000-12-1 -04:00

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