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> I have many years experience with LAN, NT, but nearly
> no experience with Unix. So I think I'd better have a certificate
> of SCSA.

If you don't have experience, the certificate doesn't really help a lot, but it never hurts to have one beside your NT experience so when someone wants to hire a senior NT guy with knowledge of unix, you'll be a very good candidate. Then you can accumulate your unix experience little by litte.

On the other hand, believe it or not, it's not easy to find a really good NT guy although there are tons of MCSE out there (most of them are just paper MCSE). I was lucky to have worked with such an expert and learned a lot from him.

> And I don't know which one should I take, Soaris 7 or 8. One
> friend here suggests Solaris7, and I have many materials about
> Soalris7, and 2 discs( one OS, the other one includes adminsuite,
> disksuite, Webserver, etc.) So I think I'd better take Solaris7.

Doesn't matter. If you want to take Solaris 7, go for it. The exam for each version of Solaris is different, which means even if you are Solaris 8 certified, in theory it doesn't necessarily mean that you are qualified to admin a Solaris 2.6 box.


> I don't know how to determine whether it's 4/01, but I think
> it should be a early version. I got from Sun web site that the
> file name of Solaris8 I can download now is something like
> "sol-8-4_01-install-fcs-bin-ia-ml.zip"

Yeah, that's the 4/01 (April 2001) one, and the media kit for 7/01 was just out, though not yet available for download. I think my media kit is 1/01 one, and I just installed it once without problems.

> I hope I can try them before make a copy of these discs,
> but I didn't expect that I always failed with them. (I ever
> installed Solaris7 for more than 10 times, never failed.)
> Since the PC reboots very soon after the problem, I couldn't
> record the full path of "/pci@0,0/...", but I guess it should
> be the CDROM device.

Another thing you might want to try is to get your hands on another PC if you can, just to eliminate the hardware problem. I'm not saying there's problem with your PC since you've installed Solaris 7 over 10 times, but hey, you never know.

> I hope to get your advice on:


>1. Which version of Solaris is most popular in Canada?
> And which applications are most popular running on
> Solaris? It's Webserver, Oracle,Staroffice....?

Hard to say. I believe there are still Solaris 2.51 being used out there, even some SunOS 4.1.3 box are still around (eg. the one that runs OpenBSD's web site at University of Alberta). Some people are just prefer SunOS 4.x because it is BSD based (while SunOS 5.x which is Solaris 2.x is SysV based). Anyway, the philosophy in unix world is that if it's not broken, don't fix it.

For the applications, in the big corporate world there are usually things like SAP, Oracle and some in house developed apps. Web server on Solaris is usually Netscape (now iplanet) Enterprise or FastTrack web server, though Sun now ships Apache with Solaris 8 (but that's an older version).

Actually I think you brought up a very good point, which is that for unix admin, the skill sets are usually combined with other applications (e.g., database) beside unix.

> 2.Whether a SCSA of Solaris7 can be a supplement for me to
> help me on job hunting in Canada?

To some extent. See above.

> 3. Maybe it's a bug and should be solved in the new version 4/01?

There are always bugs in software and it's the duty of sysadmin to patch their systems diligently (esp. with security patch). Witness the Code Red worm, the patch has been out for a long time and people are just ignoring it.

From what I heard, 4/01 did have some significant change but I know very little about it (you might want to check the release note).

> 4. Since Solaris9 will come out soon, maybe I needn't copy these
> discs of Soalris8 at all?

Argh, I think I was misleading. OK, for new version of Solaris, it will take some time to beta testing it, and roughly after 1 year of the formal release, the exam for that version will be out. So we won't see the exam util early 2003. As I said above, each version of Solaris is different to some extent, and I don't know how many people out there actually adopted Solaris 8.

So, get as much versions of Solaris as you can and play with them if you have time. Blank CDs are dirt cheap now.

> 5. I also got trouble with installation of Staroffice, should I spend
> more time on it?

StarOffice is relatively new, and is Sun's strategy to compete with MS Office on the desktop side. If you don't have enough time, don't bother. But what kind of problem do you have? Have you read the installation guide carefully?

> Thanks again!

You are welcome.
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