Some funny stories in Toronto -- 2

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My first boss is fr Europe. He is, in some sense, crazy about Chinese culture. In his office, there are Chinese calendar, " Gongxifacai ", Chinese traditional handwriting, Chinese Fortunate Cat, even a Chinese name card for him. Sometimes I doubt that maybe he can understand Chinese, but for the sake of supervision Chinese staffs' work, he just pretends to not understand any Chinese words. He is so shrewed. The most important thing is, he knows the bigger and bigger Chinese market in Toronto. According to the media, there are about 20K Chinese new immigrants every month coming to Toronto since this January! I mean, fr the main land. You can imagine how happy my boss is. He is dreaming of occupying the Chinese market. Forget to tell you, my company's business is duct cleaning. Every night, fr. 6 pm to 10 pm, I will sit there, keeping calling the Chinese customers mainly. Very few chances to call the western customers, as we have a Canadian-born telemarketor team. If someone is interested in our service, remember, just interested in, then I can get a sales lead, then I will pass it to the sales manager. If the sales manager can promote our service to the customer successfully, then I can get a successful sale. The smart boss set different salary standard for different sales leads, and different actual sales. The minimum weekly sales lead is 12, otherwise you can only paid at $5 per hour! Dear friends, you can see how low the pay is. If your sales leads reach to 20, then a different range. If none of your sales lead is sold, also very low salary, I can't remember how low. For general speaking, you can get $ 7 per hour. But it's still a small number, right? So be prepared for it, for those who are dreaming on Canada.

In fact, for this kind of job, whether you can get a sales lead or even a actual sales, really depends on your luck. No matter how hard you work, if the customer just did the duct cleaning, what should you do? Sometimes you meet some bad-manner customers, it's so normal for me to be shouted through the phone, don't call me anymore! I have already told your company to get rid of me fr your list, how come your guys always keep calling me!!! ... Sometimes bad words. I know, it's not good to disturbe their lives. But it's my job, I don't have choice. But sometimes I also meet some so kind people, as they know, how hard for Chinese people to make a live here, so they totally understand it's my job, and even say sorry to me, as they don't need our service at that moment. I was so easily moved by what they told me. 'cuase they are really nice and well-educated people.

The worst day I had was, I can't get ANY sales lead one night, after three hours long-sitting there. Not even went to the washroom! Just kept calling, and saying. I was so upset! The best day was, I got 12 sales leads one night! See, it just depends on the luck.

AS I got a quite good sales lead and actual sales record, the boss wanted to promote me as the sales people. That means, I could have better basic salary and commission. Quite good pay, if I am lucky. So he moved me to sit besides the sales manager, a nice HK lady. And asked to learn the sales skills fr the sales manager. The funny point I want to say is discovered fr here.

Every time the sales manager called the potential customer, she always said, hi, Mr. xx, this is xx fr. duct cleaning company, ...( about the service introduction ) Have you tried it before? You know, we offered a so high quality service, that we can guarantee you will be totally satisfied with it. We offered services seven days a week,
cheap price, sounds good, right? Would you like to try it? .... You know what? As I can't just translate it fr Chinese into English, if you say those words in Chinese, it will be more funny. I mean, because it sounds like some kind of "special service". We didn't realize it until some day, the sales manager suddenly laughed loundly after she called a customer. We all asked here why, and she just repeat what she said to the cutomer again in another sexy, and mysterial voice, we all understood, then we laughed. As we got so bored after a long-time calling, just like an answer machine.

No matter it's funny or not, to you. I just want to describe an experience at the begining life in Toronto. Life it's not easy here. Forgot to tell you, at the 30th day I landed here, I got a full time job. It's in a famous local financial company. I am so lucky. So the above part time experience can tell you how hard working I am. Because everyday after my day time job in downtown, 5:30 pm, I just rushed to the part time job immediately. Even no time for dinner. Then began to call. I finished the part time job at about 10 pm, then I took bus to home. As I am living far away fr downtown. Every night when I arrived home, it's about 1100 pm. Then I usually go to bed at 1230 or even 100am. In the morning, I got up at 630 am. Dear friends, you can imagine how tired I was.

Anyway, at last I quited my part time job after one and a half month, not because I can't bear it, but because I went to the college to take accounting course at night.

If you want to know how I can get the full time job, or you want to know about my study, or you are interested in what I am writing, pls write sth to encourage me, otherwise I don't have confidence to continue, as I am always afraid you will get bored of what I am writing. Thanks a lot.

-- To be continued, or not? --- ^^--^^ lumlum
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2000-6-13 -04:00
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