Crazy about traveling, & have been to a lot of places,,,,

lumlumq (firerock)
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Like, Jiuzaigou, chengdu, xinjiang, tibet, kunming, hangzhou, ningbo, suzhou, wuhan, BJ, SH, xiamen, fuzhou, nanchang, wuyishan, sanya,,,, and so on, but never been to dongbei, but I heard that, dalian and qidong are very beautiful cities, to which I should visit. So, maybe in the future.

Oh, sb stole ur nickname to enter here, that's why it looks a little bit strange. I should trust my direct feeling.

U are working at a marketing and sales dept, or u are also a IT guy? I don't think u talked about it before. But seems that u are successful in doing business, aren't u? I believe so. xixi,,,,

What do u think about my new name, is it cool? My friend wants to log in as lumlum as I stole his nick name.

Christmas is coming, but I don't feel as happy as those shopping animals, 'cause I am only thinking about how can I improve my score in GMAT, do u have any tips for me? I'm so worried about that. 'cause I couldn't make up my mind to quite my job and study full time.

Give u an early christmas regard, and another successful year for 2001.

Merry Christmas! lumlum
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2000-12-3 -05:00

回到话题: Re #14983: Hi, map, how are u? It's me. Thx a lot, for nominating me, but actualy I am too lazy to accept ur recommendation, ^ ^ *

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