mcdonald (麦当劳)
so, you are in china right now. your problem seems to be too many choices left for you.

If what you need is just collecting data and dynamically generating html file, I believe pb,vb or delphi, even vc has bulid in function library for this purpose. so pick up one and go ahead.

you had mentioned there are around 500 html files? so you may like to
consider to generalize and create some kind of template files rather than seperated html files. After all, 500 is not a small number.
2001-8-17 -05:00

回到话题: 再请教,有新情况:怎样用程序自动生成htm文件?就是说,如果用户不装web server,不上网, .asp 不能在IE中显示,但做好的有asp的文件怎样变成用户可以显示的文件?

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