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many friends called me these days. Thanks. I have been working
almost like a call centre lady for the past week to answer calls
one after another. But many questions seem to be because of lack
of basic information of so called "apartment".

An apartment is a "Gong Yu4" that is deliberately for rent, which has
the following characteristics
1. Utiliyies include heating, water, eletronics, security and maintenance
are inluded in the rental.
2. cable and telephone are subject to order, i.e., not included
3. An apartment is owned by the owner company usually who also runs the
management office. The price is hence not negotiable
4. kitchen and washroom are furnitured, i.e., oven and closet in these
area are included in the rental.
5. Recreation facilities are usually not prepared in an apartment. In
this case, the swiming pool is just an unusual surprise or a bonus.
More, the swiming pool in my apartment is an OUTDOOR one. You can only
use it during the summer and early autumn.

Additional information of my unit....
I just got a notice from the management office that the rent will increase
by some 6.9% after the end of my lease if I decide to continue the lease.

Folks, I am kind of pretty tired of too many inquiry calls. I hope the above
information is sufficient for you to make a decision if you are going to
conduct a visit in person. Please read my ads VERY carefully before you
place a call, and I hope I have pre-answered the FAQ. Still, you are warmly
welcome to call me at anytime until the unit is officially dispatched.
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