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Due to the time limit (they asked me to finish it on next Monday), I have to

> it is surprised to know employer in china will set such kind of deadline.

Some of the methods you(not only you yourself) mentioned are not suitable, because I am not seeking for a tool than can convert content of a database to html files one by one by the user. Html files must be generated automatically by the program, as the authority user may have no knowledge at all on database and those tools.

> we understand what you want, and it does not make a sense
> to 'convert content from database to html files one by one.'

So I think I need a language that can create files and read records from a database, and the user just run it and needn't to do anything. The program should be able to create as many html files as the database needs(maybe far more than 500).

> Do you have crystal report? If you do not need handling user data entry > at all, crystal report is really fast to generate well formatted data
> (including html format) from database. but it has only limited ability to
> collect data from user as the parameter to generate the report.

I have little knowledge on database lib for c++ either :-( So I made a simple dbclass myself.

> why? normally you just need use ADO object to deal with db.

Good luck!
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回到话题: 再请教,有新情况:怎样用程序自动生成htm文件?就是说,如果用户不装web server,不上网, .asp 不能在IE中显示,但做好的有asp的文件怎样变成用户可以显示的文件?

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