My tips on housing

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1) In any case, don't bargain on the rental. If you think that an apartment is affordable to you, take it immediately. If you cannot afford it, just walk away. Mr. or Mrs. Wang is a very nice person, he/she has given us a clear-cut explanation. Even if you rent a studio from those who possess a house, it is hard to bargain at present.

2) If you want to save money, the best way is to share a 2-bedroom apartment. Don't share 3-bedroom apartment. It is too crowded and there are a lot of inconvenience in sharing bathroom, kitchen, and refrigirator.

3) If you have kids, especially boys or tomboys, you had better choose to live on the first floor or basement. Otherwise, you will need to execute strict control over your kids.
The best choice is you live on the second floor, but the first floor is a laundry room.
But such a case is rarely to meet.
2000-12-7 -05:00

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