Jabber's English Note---034

jabber (jabber)
English language is at least as complicated as Chinese language. In learning Chinese, we have master tons of idioms. We know that there are specifc expressions for specific things. In English, people need to stick to similar ways. Here are some examples:

1) If you speak on behalf of some some company, you need to talk like this: We at IBM Canada believe that ......

2) If you are reading an obtuary, you definitely will see the sentense like this: John Smith was survived by his father, Bob Smith, his brother, Mark Smith, and his syster, Carolyn Smith.

3) If you are ordering a dish in a restaurant, you should say: "Can I have
.....?" (Some Chinese people say :"I would like to .....". This is not wrong. But I have never heard native-English speakers to say that.)

So, the most important thing for us is to observe how others use the language. We should not create English sentences according to the grammar we have lerant.
2001-8-21 -05:00

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