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Whether you are in Canada or in USA, you have to accept the following fact: It is easy to hire a person, and it is desparately difficult to fire a person. Employees cannot be fired unless you he/she has made a big mistake, say, screw up the business in your company. I have no authority to fire any employees, I am also reluctant to see people are fired or laid off (fire and lay off are two different things). What I can do is to push my CTO to hire contractors instead of employees (they have permanent positions). I do have authority to send my consulants home, but I don't think I will use such previliges. The reason is simple: I have given them a tough interview before they come on aboard, so they know who they are and they cherish the job they are doing. The Chinese colleague I mentioned was hired by my CTO...I think she won't leave my company unless our company closes the door. After some lessons, I have decided not to assign any serious task on my Chinese colleague.

By the way, I have two more Chinese developers. They are terrific!
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