How slumpy is the job market now?

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I did a research this morning. Go to (Washington Post is the bigges newspaper in Metropolitan Washington DC). Click "find a job". Choose the location as Fairfax county (This is Washington DC's silicon valley). For the skill set, enter the key word "Java AND EJB", I got 12 entries. By querying agaist "JAVA AND SERVLET", I got 2 entries. Searching for "JAVA and JSP", I got 17 entries. From the above statistics, I conclude that there are only few Java jobs in Fairfax county.

Right now, friend's recommendation is more important than a good resume or a stack of certificates. Employers are human beings, too. They believe the word of mouth. For instance, one of my former Indian colleagues joined a telecommunication company and he brought in sevaral of our former colleagues, one of which is Chinese! Take my team as an example. Two weeks ago, my manager came to an idea to hire contractors and I recommend one of my friends who has been on bench for 3 months. My boss simply told me "If you think he is the right person who can help us, we hire them." Unfortunately, this matter was dismissed by some other unexpected changes. In such a context, friend's help may play a determinant role. Without friends' help, people may not got an opportunity to be interviewed.
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