thank you very much!may you tell me some details about your application materials? i am anxious to get your helps

lmp7229 (jean)
我是一个城市规划专业的毕业生已在建设局和设计院工作七年,我想以urban/land use planner 申请,经询问说只要由雇主提供一封证明已在相关行业工作四年的信而无须CCPE论证也可办理,不知是否正确?另外,在政府部门(建设局)的工作经验和在设计院的工作经验那个对申请更加有利,请帮忙解答.
i have been workig as an urban planner for 7 years at Construction Bureau and urban planning department. i want to apply for an independent immigrant as an Urban/Land Use Planner.someone told me that i can obtain a letter from my employer confirming my occupation as a land use planner/urban planner and can confirm that i have been performing the related duties for at least 4 years ,then i could proceed utilizing that occupation without having to have my civil engineering degree assessed.Is this right?
And my working experience at Construction Bureau and Planning Department ,which one will benefits to my application?who can help me?thanks.
2000-12-23 -05:00

回到话题: 我在厦门,正在准备递表。我是学城市规划的,原想以civil engineering 申请,但ccpe未通过,现在不知该以何职业申请最好?现在我想以urban/land use planner申请不知该怎样办呢?请那位大虾解答,好吗?

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