Love in North America - part two

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Love in north America -- part two

She likes to talk to him through the phone. He came to this land a long time ago, when he was still very young, fresh graduate from the university. For her, she just left that heartbroken place not long time ago. She has the most fresh idea about hometown, so much attraction, so much messed-up stories, so much complicated relationship, so many disappointing phenomenon, that practical society! She likes a kind of pureness from him. He told her some interesting things in his latest trip back home. He even called the waitress in the restaurant "Fuwuyuan" and " Tongzhi". She couldn't help laughing loudly on the other side of phone. He told her seriously, " Later I was told that, " Tongzhi" has a new meaning for gays or lesbians. Now we have to call them " xiaojie " or " shaoye ",,.. In her heart, she really likes this kind of silly stuffs, which she couldn't find from other boys.

But she failed from her story, actually she was a looser. She was hurt badly by somebody she loved. Then she became very realistic, just like him. Essentially they belong to the same kind of people. They share the similar feeling. So they know each other well.

She forwarded a funny story from her friend by the name of " fairy " to him. It's said that, when the time of a old couple's 25 years' marriage anniversary, ( both of them were 60 years old) the angle asked the couple for a wish, which could be turned into reality. The wife asked for a happy trip and she got it. When the time for the husband, he asked for a wife who was 30 years younger than him. Guess what happened? He got his wish. But the angle turned him to be 90 years old.

" Haha, it's a funny story. You girls always think of man like that. Of course guys think about career more than love, they have to. Man knows that there is no one but himself that he can count on when indeep trouble. I would even give up Cindy Crowford for my career success, of course, it's a different story if Cindy can share with me her money...:). It is this world that is actually tough and cold, people never sympathize losers, they always admire winners. As a man, who has the responsibility of taking care of himself, or his family if he is married. He has to fit into this world, that why he becomes selfish and cold. Women just don't seem to get it, they count too much on others. In church, you will see most of disciples are women, because they put themselves in hands of God. I have a dream... ( mimicking Martin L King :)) that one day,, women and men are the same..., men can depend on their wives to bring bread to the dinner table, men can enjoy life as a house husband.... "

Coming from lunch, reading those lines from him, she found herself smiling. Another realistic animal, just like me. She talked to herself.

" Well, agree with you some part, and disagree with in the other.

For modern women, they are more independent and stronger, braver than old ladies. They have their career, which make them independently economically and mentally. I totally agree with you that, women can't just put all the hopes on guys, and just keep wishing a rich guy, who can bring them happiness, and won't worry about daily life any more. Actually, the richer the guy is, the more the wife should worry and should prepare for herself, improve herself to keep up with the husband. Otherwise, the guy will easily get bored of her, loose interest to talk to her, eventually the distance will be larger and larger between them. The wife will become less attractive than before to her husband, then she will loose confidence, which is the most important for a woman. As time being, it's so easily for her to loose her husband and her family.

But in one family, there should be somebody who has to scarify for the housework, and educating kids. Usually it's the wife.

I seldom see a woman, who is a good wife and mum, and also handles her career well. It's really very hard.

But I do find some outstanding guys, who are successful in careers, are also responsible for his families, and enjoying their family lives. Unfortunately, too little I could find now.

Too much for today. ....."

Sent out the letter, she looked around, yeah, supervisor didn't come back from lunch yet, otherwise, he would come over to ask, " How's everything? Do we have a lot today?"... She looked at the crowded city outside, from the green glass, suddenly she felt a kind of sadness.

Love, family, marriage? Too far, away, away....

This cold winter in north america ...

---- Part two ---- From: Shayatou.
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