YOU ARE difintely wrong, COM has nothing to do with windows programming, before COM, ppl did a lot of implememtation with only c/api in the windows programming fields,

bigdesk (NightLight)
by the way, COM is mainly for windows plateform, i never see any COM implemention under unix/linx, though some articles also refer to that.
asp only support automation, thats the default interface of the components, but not for the customer interface. also you never master asp in a week, maybe you can remember part of syntax. for the latest, itself worth a 1000-page book to explain.
take care buddie!
2001-9-7 -05:00

回到话题: COM组件技术高手请执教。初学者勿进。我用VC开发COM组件以应用在网站上。问题是,如果一个object下仅有一个interface(如CFirstobject 有IFirst interface),一切好办。但是

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