Yes, and this is my understanding from reading the website.

april (霏)
Digital cable is just like digital camera/camcorder. It offers much better viewing quality by being equipped with digital terminal, which costs $10.95 per month. The promotion now is $26.95 from now till the end of this year. With digital terminal, you can also order some more channels as those channels have been programmed for digital only.

Below is quoted from the website:
"All you need is a Rogers Digital Terminal, your existing TV and cable service - and you can experience television like never before! "
2001-9-11 -05:00

回到话题: 我住在士嘉堡地区. 近期听说可以看城市电视了, 但我没有DIGITAL CABLE.谁有DIGITAL CABLE 的经验,请指教: 怎么样可以花最少的钱看到城市电视,还可以看到什么别的?

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