I am OK. Thank you all, cinder, pyramid, and other friends....Come in, please

jabber (jabber)
I live in Fairfax county, Virginia, 30 miles away from Pentagon. I went home at 11 am. I called my friend in New Jersey. She lives in New Jersey and worked in World Trading Center North Tower. Fortunately, she changed her job one month ago and she is now working in a building far from the twin towers. She told me it took her 5 hours to get back to her apartment in New Jersey.

In any case, the life is invaluable. This is the only t hing in my mind.
2001-9-11 -05:00

回到话题: 坛子里的有些朋友真的让人费解。我只是说了一下我的真实感受,我真的没有感到多么悲伤,难道你们都是伤心欲绝吗?如果你们真的有亲人朋友不幸遇难也就罢了。

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