It's seems you haven't learned french. It need time and practice,but

guest (Jack)
But learning some french can rich the life.French culture has its charactor. anyway, we don't have to do everything to mean something, i mean, enjoy the life is also an important part.So, if you like to, just do it.
2000-12-30 -05:00

回到话题: 英语读和写都是well, 但听和说都是difficult, 是否这样就够了? 我想如果多学一门法语达到well 容易, 但是将英语练到fluet 很难, 而英语 从well 到fluet 仅仅加一分, 法语从difficult 到 well 却可以加两分, 我是该学法语还是应该 继续练英语?

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