What are you talking about? Separate two things: Show sympathy to the victims and think about why this happened.

guest (GG)
In the international community, is US as civilized at it is in domestic? People bury the seed of hatredm then see the sore fruit.
自由 is a good thing, but too much of this can be deadly. When US is free to bomb anyone they look as an enemy without any restraint, which seems to be costless thanks to their superior weaponary, they are forcing the extremists on the other side to play on a different rule.
It is a tragedy, for all human beings, that people haven't learn how to deal with each other properlu, using words rather than swords. Even the most powerful, most advanced, or maybe the most democratic country, still believe too much in technology superiority, especially when dealing with people outside their boundary.

The dead have gone, the live should learn.
2001-9-12 -05:00

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