I think deposit would be necessary. rent house through internet?

rock_jack (Rock Jack)
it's a good idea, but i know nothing more than you about this point. I think maybe it's beyond the ability of most house-owner.

About living in Montreal. Because french speaking in Quebec, you got good welfare and relative less competition(most chinese don't want to come here).

the bad side is that most postion require bilingual. Although most IT company seems not have to, but overall, the positions are less than Toronto or Ottawa.

it's a tradeoff, isn't it? Choose where to live depend on what's your object in Canada. I understand it's very hard to make decision, but it's Canada, if you don't like the city you living just move to another one. you are totally free. it's also one of the reasons people go abroad, right?
2001-1-3 -05:00

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