Love in north America - part three by: shayatou

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It had a very heavy snow, she crumbled in the street to catch the bus. The street was still in the dark. She woke up very early, for her morning shift. The strong wind made her enjoy the chilly feeling, penetrating her heart. Everyday she had to spend about 3 hours on traveling from office and home. It's really a long journey. The worst thing is, the landlord is very abnormal, whose husband is working in HK, and only meets her twice a year. Her temper is so bad that, every time she shouts to her kids, or throws away house stuffs, the only thing she could do is, to hide herself into her tiny room, and turn on music loudly. As the fierce winter's coming, she became more an more crazy, always comments on her. Though she always hides herself into her own room.

Finally, last night the war broke out. The only reason is, she just brought a new pot home, to treat herself a good dinner. She is a human being, and she wants to cook some meals. Once the landlord came back from her factory, when she saw the new pot, she became so crazy that, "Don't buy anything back home. We don't have enough space to store it! " She shouted to her, when she was enjoying the chicken wings well cooked by her, when she was thinking, it's so delicious. She was shocked! What? What happened? I bought it, and it's only a pot. " I don't think I occupied too much space." The landlord shouted again, very coolly. " If you brought anything more, we won't rent the room to you! "

What? She even doubted her ears. " What are you talking about? Please say it again!" She said to the landlord. The landlord said nothing, this time.

She couldn't finish her chicken wings, and took all the stuffs from the kitchen, back to her own room. She was so angry that, she called home. And she decided to move, finally. She couldn't bear her damn temper any more. She felt so upset and almost wanted to cry, but she couldn't find any tears.

It's a cold winter, but winter is here, spring will be far? She made up her mind to find a house by today, just after work.

She called him. After she confirmed the new place. He was very angry to hear the story. " How can she treat you like this? She is too much. You should complaint to one organization for tenants, and she will get trouble. I could find the information for you. If you like." She could hear his angry voice from the other side. The voice is so warm. She liked it.

" No, no, as she is one of my friend's far relative, so I don't want to do anything hurting my friend. As long as I move out, everything will be okay. Don't worry."

" When will you move out?"

When? As soon as possible. She couldn't stay there any more. It was a prison. Just now, she called some other friends, asking for whether they could help her moving. A girl, who she knew for almost three years, before she moved to this country, asked her the first question was, how far it is, from her current home to new place. When she got the distance, she said frankly that,

"Wow, it's so far, and crosses the whole city. It will consume a lot of gasoline! And you have so many stuffs, I am afraid it will be at least two to three rounds to finishing moving, right? You know, for my new car, it's not big enough, and I suggest you to ask for a moving company. When last time I moved, I asked for moving company too, as I felt so embarrassed to ask somebody to do me this favor......"

Ai, she suddenly felt so cold. What a friend?! She didn't really care what later the girl went on with. She just thanked her, then hang up. New car, gasoline, help, friend.... She couldn't say anything.

Later she dare not ask any more help. To her surprise, a girl she just got to knew for a few months, from the library, to whom she liked to talk through phone, asked her whether she needed help, as she really wanted to help her to move. She really appreciated her invitation. But she decided to find a moving company. And she made up her mind to offer this kind of help in the future when she owned her car. And she would try her best to help friends, as long as she could. 'Cause she could fully understand the feeling.

" When will you move? " He asked her again from the phone. She suddenly stopped thinking.

" Oh, not decided yet, but just want to move out as soon as possible."

" Great, this weekend will go to your city to visit my parents. Let me help you moving. I have a truck. Do you have a lot of stuffs? Normally just two to three rounds will be okay. If you have more, it doesn't matter, then we could wake up earlier in the morning, as we have a whole day, it will be okay."


" But you know what, it's a very long long way from my home to new place, and I have a lot of stuffs, too much. So, I am afraid it's so inconvenient. I really don't want to bother you.. "

" Don't worry. It's so hard for a single girl struggling here. And I have been there. I moved several times when I was in the states, and I hate moving too. I know it's really a very tough mission. I really want to help you, a poor girl. And I admire you actually. You are so brave to come here without any support from family and survives here, all by yourself. I am afraid I couldn't do that, as brave as you are. You are really a " Fenyatou",, hey hey.." He would not forget to tease me....

The feeling is good. She likes to be teased by him. She likes to hear " fenyatou" called by him. They just like old friends. Though they never meet.

Nice boy.

Really want to accept his offer.

" Okay, will see you soon. Really thank you for your help. I really appreciate that."

" It's okay. A piece of cake. You take care of yourself. See you soon."

Hang up.

What does he look like? A thin guy, with glasses. She thinks. He should be bookish and naive. Very professional. As he knows a lot of things she doesn't know. Maybe a kind of pedant. She has a feeling like that, according to their conversation through the phone. He likes to laugh, " hey hey hey..."

A fantastic evening. She looked out of the window. Moon is so round and clear tonight.

How fast she wishes the weekend could come.

But he is just her common friend. A warmhearted boy wants to give a hand to a girl who needs help, and who he regards as a friend. That's it. She reminds herself.

--- Part three ----- Shayatou
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