Though Java is easier to use, the market falls short of competent Java developers

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It is nice to see your response.

Indeed, Java syntax is easy and clean, Java library is relatively easy to use. However, 90% (this is my estimate) of Java projects in the marcket are junk. I think you understand the essence of programming: domain knowledge, system architecture, ...

In the marcket, there are some EJB componet packages. One of most famous is
"theorycenter" beans. It was created by Theory Center, Inc in Boston. Now this company has been accquired by BEA Sys.
Another example is Javlin components.
Still more. Take Theory Center bean as an example, it has shoppingcart, lineitem, invoice, troubleticket....In principle, people can reuse them. My experience is that no one can reuse them unless they really understand EJB architecture. (By the way, EJB architcture specification has almost 600 pages and I don't think an entry level Java programmer can understand this literature.)

The fact is that EJB container takes care of all system-level things: Resourse Management, Transaction, Security, Persistence, Concurrency, .... If you really understand these things, you have more opportunity to create a robust project.

The market is still a chaos. Many companies use EJB technology but none of its managers and developers have a complete picture of the system. They use EJB simply because EJB is hot.

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