A Real Canadian's Response to the WTC attack... (Just so you know how a typical Canadian male thinks of the rest of the world...)

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Subject: Re: NYC 9-11
Date: Thursday, September 13, 2001 11:04 PM

I have a different point of view.
The world is wild, hostile and dangerous.
The only reason parts of it are safe is that some people want to live that
way with freedom and security of person.

Let me tell you about freedom. Let me tell you about liberty, and let me
tell you what it is to walk down the street without fear of death. There is
nothing like it.

The problem is that our way of life is so easy to take for granted. But let
me tell you of the reality of the world.
These rights and freedoms we enjoy are the most costly in terms of human

The world is not free. Only parts of it. The part which is most free, and
paid most dearly for that freedom is the USA.

There is no justification for a surprize attack that targets tens of
thousands of innocent civillians. We all know that when America attacks
legally with consent of the world, it targets military targets, and only
rarely makes a mistake.

America has never attacked anyone by primarily targeting densely populated
civillian targets. Except in World War II.

And you know what? It will be the best thing for America to level all the
countries that give support to Terrorist groups, so they are left out in the
cold, with no home and nowhere to run.

See these countries ha had 50 odd years to do something about it. They
haven't, an that is their crime. Th make terrorism possible, so America will
end that possibility.
But I guarantee you, America will decimate their enemy without mass
murdering the civillian populations.

I am not saying they will not destroy and anex the countries responsible,
but I am saying they are not going to see how many civillian they can

Get real. If thy wanted that kind of punishment, they don't need any
coalition. It is called ICBM, and it turns deserts into glass. That region
of the world has no defense and would just burn and radiate for 2000 years.

Now I am sure many Americans want that kind of revenge.
And if it was an eye for an eye in Amerca we would be running our cars on

See, America is going to punish those that were responsible and those that
make terrorism possible. I am sure they are going to kill a lot of people,
but mot ofthem will be involved in terrorism or supporting it, so the world
will be a better place.

See the terrorists made the same fucking mistake as Germany and Japan made.
Sure America was making tons of money sending munitions to Europe, and both
sides too. And they were so far away. Like the Middle East. But the stupid
idiots decided to attack America on its soil.

These terroists are assholes too. They attacked America on its soil. They
were protected, an free to wreck their havoc around the globe. But then they
made the fatal mistake. They attacked America on its own soil. See Americans
can't agree on very much. That worked to the terrorists favor. Not too much
gets done without agreement, and without desire. So about the only country
that put the fear into the hearts of terrorists is the Israelis. But their
resources are limited, not even that of New York City. One thing American's
can agree on, waging war on anyone who attacks them on their soil.

There will be no sympathy. Thee will be no mercy. But their will be
fairness,and their will be consideration for innocent civilian lives. But be
prepared to hear of entire towns and villages bein destroyed, because they
are in fact terrorist bases, perhaps even interspursed among an innocent

Well his is a situation where the hostages are expendable nd the terrorists
are going down. But it doesn't have to go down that way.

If you are frightened for human life to be needlessly lost, wha those people
have to do is give the terrorists no quarter. To point them out, to expose
them from within the ranks of the populous.

Remember is grader school, one person did something, but the teacher didn't
know who. So they asked,and nobody spoke up. And remember everyone getting
punished for what one person did.....yet anyone could have just said ....it
was John....and only John would get punished.

Well the USA just gave the world the same talk. Who did it.
You can point them out, or risk punishment yourselves. And who is to blame
then? Not the USA!

See all the USA is going to do is take those responsible into custody, try
them and execute them. They are also going to dismantle the facilities and
havens for terrorists. Other than that I don't expect them to go on a mass
killing spree.....unless some government is insane enough to order their
population to suicde.

I mean they may have to take Iraq and Iran and subjegate them to ther rule,
and take their oil so they are out of the torrorist business once and for
all. But American's have nothing against Arabs, or Moslems, and is not out
to punish people with those associations. Unless they have membership in a
terrorist organization.

Now getting back to the jungle. The world is a jungle. Civilization is just
an illusion. AND KILLING PEOPLE is the fastest way to see that we are still

Yes the USA is going to become violent. But know full well that they will be
nowhere as violent as they could be if they had the same mentality as
terrorists. Because if America responded in kind, there would be no middle
east. It would look the same as the World Trade Center....all of it, and the
sand in the deserts would be turned to glass, and there would be no
survivors to look for, it would be the end of the world for the middle east.
And yes, for the Middle East all the predictions of doom and finality would
come to be.

Say good bye to terrorism, the terroists and those who allow them to
operate. If you want to pray for those souls, that would help them....but in
the after life.

And even if yours is the voice of reason, you are going to fall on deaf
ears, and trampled in the process.

See the world used to be more clear and direct. Before world war 2 this
would be a perfect reason for America to expand its borders and just consume
the culture, identiy and heritage of the vanquished. And war was ugly and
cruel for good reasons.

Well lets see how welcome terrorist are when their friends and hosts have to
take shelter from bombs that their terroist buddies brought with them for
what they did and what they do?

Your way of life as just attacked in the for of mass murder on a scale this
contenant has never seen. Sure, I understand you don't want American's
killing your relatives, who may be nice people that just get in the
way...but then why do they let their government harbour terrorists. And if
they don't, then you have no fears. If you do, I suggest you do your best to
sponsor them fast...since things are gonna happen quickly.

"littleprince" <littleprince23@hotmail.com> wrote in message
> i was bouncing around the net when i came across this guy's website...
> check out the message board section...
> he's got some pretty interesting thoughts about what happened this past
> tuesday in new york city...
> i'm tending to agree with most of them...
> the website address is http://www.geocities.com/jameelbandali/
> take care...
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> --
> littleprince23@hotmail.com
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