The guy was freaked.

superguest (一枝花)
He was so fucked up just imaging all this life he was busy dealing with rejections from women. Apparently he's is looking for a S partner but not this type of thing. You can almost see the end of this relationship before it starts. And he used to hang out with her bros., in-laws… some one gonna get hurt.
2001-9-20 -05:00

回到话题: Rolia太冷清,加点料.一朋友,被抛弃,身心具创,(身理创伤可能大一些).老天开眼,一MM向他频繁放电,强烈暗示. 曝晒6个月的干材,怎经得这把火撩.一欲扑将上去,又恐后患无穷, 下一步该如何行动?

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