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ztech (ztech)
Rogers does not limit your online PC number, only that they won't support you for solutions and problems.

Check all of the following: (sorry if you've already known that, just try to help):

1. have you changed your hostname? if so, change it back.
2. have you been using static ip (altho the dynamic one doesn't change often), if so change it to dhcp to see if there's any difference.
3. have you changed your nic? (which changes the MAC address) if so recycle your modem power
4. have you enabled your port 25 or 110? if so disable them whenever possible, there're reported people using other's smtp to spam.
5. disable all the services (at least on the first nic, not sure win2k can do that). you only need sshd for remote access
6. if none of the above works, the only way is to first recycle your modem power and then reboot.
7. if indeed you've disabled, you have done nothing wrong.
2001-9-21 -05:00

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