Good idea.But at least 1 question must be considered first: most new immigrants come here with limitted money,...

aix_ca (天生好学)
they must pay apartment rental, telephone bill etc.They must buy basic living things especially food,living equitment. In a word, the max period they can bear before the get their job,get their income. If your plan exceed this period, no one can take part in your project. They must make money ASAP to feed themself ,their wife/husband, their child/children.So most new immigrants pay much more attension to when can they get a job and their income. They pay less attension to what to do,what can i study from the job.

So u should make a fast and clearly plan to those guys to let them take part in your bright futured project. For example, i get a big project need what kind people,i can give then what kind of chance,salary etc. for those guys who can work together to finish the project.

By the way, i have a commercial project which will make 20 million yuan RMB in china market within next 2 years, would u ike to work together with us without any gurrantee within those 2 years?
2001-9-24 -05:00

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