pointers in c++

jfhuang (Zigzag)
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What you said about pointers in c++ is absolutely right. Theorectically memory leak can be avoided by careful programming and debugging. But in a complex application, even most exprienced programmer dare not declare his program is robust enough and without any bugs of memory allocation and pointers.

I would like to say microsoft applications such as Internet explorers, visual studio can easilly break down mostly because of the memory allocation problems. Nobody can suspect the skills and knowleage of microsoft programmers, but bugs still exist
in their commercial products.

This brings in another question I would like to ask.

What is the essential cause which make microsoft platform not robust and not suitable for critical applications? does windows platform has archetechture drawbacks compared to unix platform? or , microsoft always realeases unqualified products for its commerical motivations?
If it is the latter case, shall we windows users sue microsoft for the ill quality of its products?
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2001-1-9 -05:00

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