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-- My Interview Experience


It took me 45 mins to pass my interview, by the way, I was the first one who passed the interview of that day(1999.12.8).

09:00 A Chinese lady call me and lead me to an immigration officer's office. The officer is a Canadian beautiful lady about 30 years old.

My interview began:




(some routine words)


Then she asked me some questions just according to my immgration form item by item.

After this, she give a piece of paper to let me write down my duties and responsibilities; and then she took me a book to let me read one page of it('senior citizens' rights') then retell it to her. All after these, she assessed my English ability: Written well, Spoken well, Reading fluently. I asked her why she assessed my Spoken English just as well(I think it should be fluently). Her answer surprised me: 'You really speak fluently, but I think you can't express yourself NATURALLY, your speaking is just like reciting so I can only assess your spoken English well.'

{After the interview, I thought through all the procedure of my interview, I think, maybe at the beginning of the interview, I was so eager to give her a good impression of my good spoken English that I can't control my speaking at a natural speed(too quick). So she think my speaking just as reciting.}

(15 mins)

Then she asked me to tell her my daily work WITH MY OWN WORDS.

I try to tell her my daily work completely and professionally but she often interrupt me, just ask some side questions! It lead me can't tell her my real professional point all through the interview! I was puzzled. As time passed by, I gradually knew that she had misunderstood me--she don't know that Database Administrator is a sort of Computer System Analyst, she assessed me just as a Computer Programmer! So what she cared about are just some software developing details! As you know, although as a DBA(CSA), I had really done some software development, my main skill is not developing! So I tried all my best to let her know that DBA is CSA, but she insisted her opinion. I was nearly despairing to be assessed as a CSA at that time. But fortunately I found she believed that I was a professional CP! That means she will let me pass the interview as a CP. Although I was afraid that there will be something matter with my appling as a CSA but approved as a CP, I have no other choice to do! So I said:'I respect what your decision is.' But I still answer every of her developing questions with the begging--'As I am a DBA...'. Finally, she stop her developing questions, and took out a detailed book of NOC, then she found that the NOC of DBA is real 2162(same as CSA) just as what I said! 'Oh my God!'--I said to myself at that time! And then the following of this procedure became fluently--after some general questions, she finished this section.

(As my estimate, this procedure maybe cost me 20 mins! And the most unpleased point is that all through the procedure, I had no chance to show how professional a DBA(CSA) I am!)

The following are some questions she had asked me about developing:

What is your development envoriment?

Developing tools?

Project details?

Thanks for my programming experience and professional computer knowledge! Although I hadn't prepare this point enough, I cound give out the answers--at least could satify her at that time.


S:Why do you want to go to Canada?

S:Where do you want to live, why?

S:Have you ever try to find a job?

I showed her some links which I uesd to find jobs.


(5 mins)


The last section are some congratulations, advices of the further setps and finding jobs in Canada.

(5 mins)

My advice at last:

. Take it easy.

. Just prepare your interview closely, you should know every word you speak out may be caught by the officer to ask you some questions.

. Prepare your interview generally, don't prepare it very professional--I had prepared many professional problems but she never asked.

. At least your spoken English should let you communicate with the officer.

. SELF-CONFIDENCE! It is the most important thing!

As my opinion, if only you are really professional, you will pass the interview!


Thanks to all my dear friends who heve helped me!

Thank you very much!
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