Jabber's English Note---052

jabber (jabber)
What are the meanings of the following words?

Terribly, Horriblly, .....

We know the meaning of the following sentences:

1) It is terrible.

2) It's a horrible scene.

I don't know how to interpret the above sentenses into Chinese precisely. However, I do know these sentenses describe some bad things and have negative implications.

Now let's look at the following sentenses:

It's terribly good.

It's horribly sweet.

It does not make much sense for us to translate the above sentenses. The only thing we need know is that the words "terribly" and "horribly" have no exact semantics here. They are just used to emphasize something. In another word, there is no longer the meaning of "terrible" and "horrible" in the above two sentenses.

Give one more example:

Nova Scotia's winter is horribly cold. (It is very, very cold in winter in Nova Scotia.)
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