Dear Jabber,real-time systems can run on a lot of OS, sometimes even don't need a OS.

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When we use sigle-chip computer or single-board computer to serve in real time system, we simply compile programs from assembler language into machine-code. At this moment we have no OS running on the computer. Every instruction must manuplate registers directly.
On the other hand, a lot of OS can be used for sophisticated real-time systems. For instance, we have real time system running on Windows 3.12, we also have system running on Sun Saloris. The OS just serve as a platform. It's the real-time control software who master the whole "real-time" system.
I understand that u r dubious of wether WinNT is strong enough to prop real-time applications. However, we have other stategies to handle the cracking down of a real-time system. For example, simply shut down whole system or swich to manual control. Of course, the perfect system will has a backup system.
I can not agree to your opinion that Java is not a real-time system. Actually, Java was born for real-time system--Web TV. Also, Java will be used for a lot of real-time applications, like Kiosk, embedded intelligent control system.Maybe someday you will also find it running on your home appliances and try to control your life--a dream,he he. This is what the microJava for.
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