finally, I got it back to normal, I found...

tuxue (吐血)
a suspectable programme automatically opened frequently at a pace of every several minutes. It would swallow almost all the CPU's resource. It is the reason that resulted in slowing down the all processes of my computer. the suspect named "ifk.exe" in sometimes, "" in others, would promptly increasd the resource it occupied within 1-2 minutes after started. with searching all of those *.exe and *.com formated files in windows searching engine, I found the one named "" which is the only one I found, and deleted far as right now, over 12 hours after that time. everything seems okey..But, I still want to know what it was, a virus or anything elso, who had the same experience and how dealed it. your sharing experience is appreciated.
2001-10-8 -05:00

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