love story in north story - part four, by : shayatou l

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It's a snowing day. She woke up very early in the morning. Though she didn't go to bed until 4 am. 'Cause she still had some little stuffs to pack. The other thing was, she felt excited to see him. How come I choose this damn day to move? It's so cold. Anyway, he was coming, thing should be better.

He got up early too. Unusually early on weekends. He drove across the big city to get her home.

Everything was fine, so she just kept looking out of the window, to find out his car and him. Suddenly she saw the truck, and her cell phone was ringing.

" I am downstairs now."
" Yes, I saw you, I am coming to open door for you."

She opened the door. To her surprised, he was not the same kind of boy as she imagined. He was tall, and big, without glasses. He smiled at her, so pure smile. She didn't look straight at him. He was a sunny boy, not as so selfish, practical and realistic as he described in his mails. Let him in and showed him to her little room. They were surprised to find that, they didn't feel strange with each other, instead, they felt they were so familiar, the feeling of being known for over a century, though this was the first time to meet. Later he told her that, they should be lovers who couldn't get married in their " qian sheng", then when the time they passed away, they drank the farewell soup to keep the memory of each other, that's why they could still find each other in " jing sheng". They could understand each other so well that, she could feel her heart beating.

She could read the surprise from his face. So surprise. Later he told her, just because she was too far from his imagination. Through her voice, he thought it should be a much older and more mature girl, but she isn't. On the contrary, she is a young, out-going, sweet and sunny girl. He said, he always resisted those pretty girls, 'cause those girls were always in bad temper, and over-confident. But, she was different. She was so gentle, and soft.

They were very busy the whole day on packing, and moving. They cooperated each other so well. Though he got a SUV, which was quite a big truck, they had to travel three times to move all the stuffs. They always chose one highway, crossing the city, which was called by them the love highway later. She told him that, every time when she took subway passed the highway, she always looked down the highway, and imagined the feeling of running on it. She loved the deep feeling. It's mysterious and busy. She didn't expect the first time she ran across it with a strange boy, with whom she had a special feeling.

His truck was filled with her loud laugh. They enjoyed the feeling to be together, talking and laughing. All of them got so tired on moving. He always pushed her to take more rest, and tried to move and settle down everything by himself. Her heart was so warm. Sometimes she even regarded him as her boyfriend, and even doubted whether it's in her dream or reality. But it's just the first time they met. She laughed lightly to herself. It's only a common friend. She reminded herself.

At that night, he invited her to go out for dinner together, as it's a Saturday night. She asked to wait for her changing dress. She put on one black sleeveless dress, which fit her well, with a black scarf. It made her looked very mature and sexy. She hadn't dressed up for somebody for a very long time. But she just had a mood to dress up for him. He looked so surprised when she came downstairs to him. She was shy to look at him. But she knew she was nervous and excited. She hadn't have this feeling for a long long time, and it reminded her back to the first love. The atmosphere is quite nervous, and they didn't talk for a while. Seemed that both of them were nervous, about the feeling, the feeling that something was going to happen.

He drove her around the city. It's the first time she looked at the city at night. The feeling was very fantastic. Usually she was always underground, taking subway. When she looked at the city in lights, she sighed to herself, for herself, for her floating heart. Where could she put heart on? The moon was so round and beautiful. He looked so strong and tall in the moon light. Suddenly she had a very safe feeling, and she even had an intention to put her head on his thick shoulders. But how come? Did I fall into love with him? No, no, it's impossible. She kept telling herself. He was just a nice boy, who was giving her a hand on moving, and they were friends, who had some topics to talk, and to laugh. He was hurt before, and he never thought of marriage any more. What he concerned most was just his career, his future. He was still moving around, and would not stay for anyone. For her, she longed for a stable, quite and happy family life. In some sense, they were the same type of people, but at the same time, they were so different, on love, and on family. So, she laughed at herself, on this flashing by idea.

They said good night to each other. And she thought it's the end of the story. Though she felt a little pity, she didn't expect that, he said he was going to take her to buy some grocery or furniture on the next day. She was happy to be together with him. She was happy to hear his invitation.

On the other day, when they went shopping in the furniture store, they had more feeling like a young couple to pick up some home stuffs for their little home. She was like a happy little bird, and he looked at her with peaceful smiles behind her.

He asked her to learn how to install the cloth rack, 'cause he was going to the other country soon.
She laughed, " It doesn't matter, will call you back to install for me". She couldn't understand why she said it in the way like girlfriend to boyfriend.
" Well, I could tell you how to do that through the phone." He laughed.
" No, just want you do it for me." She insisted, half serious, and half joking....
He laughed. And they kept silent for a while.

They sited side by side on the floor, listening to her favorite CD, Toni Braxton's CD, " Fairy Tale". She had the feeling like that, the feeling from last century.

When they talked about his heart-broken story again, for his love, emotion, careness to the lucky girl. She even envied her. But she didn't say anything. She just hide the feeling deeply, as she was so afraid to expose her weak heart, and she was scared to be hurt again.

" Don't cry, shayatou, you know, I very like you, but we are......, as I don't want to get married, and I won't settle down for a long time. I still don't know where will be my final paradise and I dare not long for family life, or kids... But you are so young, pretty, and you need somebody to take care of yourself. That won't be me. I will try my best to help you, if you need any kind of help. I really care about you, care whether you could have a happy life. But I couldn't give you the promise......"

She was surprised.. " No, no, it's okay.... Actually I never expected that before. Don't worry about me. And don't say sorry... We are still friends, right,,, then keep in touch...."
She was shocked. She didn't mention anything about love to him, why was he so sensitive and so ..... Ai, she sighed lightly to herself.....

This cold winter.

By: shayatou
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