Edmunds.com经过2年的跟踪评测, 对 CAMRY 所下的评语:

eglington (eglington)
The Camry is not perfect, but it's close. Buyers pay a premium for Toyota engineering and the promise of reliability. In exchange for that premium, Toyota supplies a refined, eminently competent family sedan that goes about its business unobtrusively, never wasting your time with numerous trips to the service department and fulfilling all your basic needs in daily transportation, with the thrill of rapid acceleration serving as the icing on the cake. It is not a sport sedan. But most people don't want a sport sedan; they want point A to point B transportation that skips point C (the repair shop) 99.9 percent of the time. One logbook entry summed up the Camry's essence: "If every car turned into a Toyota Camry one night and that was all anyone had to drive, most of us would still be able to meet our vehicle needs (not wants or desires, but needs ). How many cars can you say that about?"
2001-10-12 -05:00

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