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My former landlord lives at Jane and Shoreham (near Jane and Finch). The man was from northeast China and the woman was from Beijing. They have a girl about 13 years old. The wife do not have a job, she just depend on the poor salary about several dollars per hour from the husband. The apartment they rented is two bedrooms, because of lack of money, they decided to change something.

They used timber board and cartons round up the hall and kitchen, then lived themselves into the hall and left two rooms for rent. When my friend
searched a room for me, he did not notice that it is a two beds rooms
instead of three bed rooms as they told him, so my first stop in Canada was selected there, and the landlord always states that the apartment is near the York University, in order to get more attention from students. By this way the income of our landlord from two tenants was over $800 a
month, and they can earn their payment for the apartment if we add the milk fee from their child. When I just moved in, the landlord asked for deposit of 100 dollars for the keys to inter the apartment and room. There were no telephone line in my room, so I had to pay $69 to Bell Canada to do the inside wiring work and set up a telephone for myself.

At the beginning our life is tranquil. One day I informed my landlord that I
would move out because my friend had a room available 40 days later. I told him that the Oct 1st was Monday; I would pack my belongings before the noon. If there would be new tenant moved in, I would put my suitcases aside and wait for the work over of my friend who would help me move out in the afternoon.

Unfortunately they could not find a new tenant for my room before I moved
out, so their attitude to me became worse and worse. Some times I greeted them when we met and the wife seemed reluctant to say something. Two days before I left, the landlord came to me and said I must move out before 12:00AM of Oct 1st, otherwise I must pay the extra rent fee for the hours after midday. Of course I refused him and inquired him why he changed his mind after so long time we made a deal. He said at that time he did not say agree word to me. At that time the wife rushed in my room, with great volume and scandalous words, while her finger point to my nose, asked why I wanted to delay shamelessly. The landlord let his wife to go away and told her we would discuss it again. Just after several seconds she went out, she rush in my room again with offensive high pitched voices and the landlord asked her to go out one more time. Again after several seconds, I heard her coarse shouting again from the aisle and she wanted to rush into my room the third
time. I then closed my door and locked it quickly, and bang! She hit herself on the door heavily. This is the first time I dealt with a bitch. I just
remember clearly that their little girl stood aside to watch our three
quietly, watched her crazy mother. I told the landlord to dismiss the little girl; this would have bad influence on her. And he then asked his aughter back to their room. At this moment my telephone rang, my friend was waiting for me under the building, so I had no time to deal with them and went out, while I still could hear the women roaring in the apartment before I entering the elevator.

Originally I planed to move out on the afternoon, Oct 1st, but the tenant in
my friend’s apartment moved out one day ahead, so I moved to my new
location one day ahead also. I told my landlord that my SIN card will be
mailed to me few days later; I will call them to check after one week to see if it comes. One day later the landlord called me and told me that he will only check my letter for me only one day, he urged me to order the Letter Transfer service in the post office, and he will not responsible for any letter missing since the day after. Then I called the Human Resource Canada, they said they just mailed me the SIN card on Oct 1st, and they will resend it to my new address, and I only get my SIN number.

My neighbor besides me moved out of that apartment approximately at same time, he also got the phone from our landlord for refused to receive our mails for us. When he go to the post office, the officer said they need 7 days to begin transfer our letters. At that time he received a call from post office to inform him that he had a package arrived, and he needed to get it using the package notice. When he called our landlord to ask the mail notice, they always hung up our calls once they knew it was from us.
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