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m.y (old horse)
I hate to say that I am tired of the bad environment (both natural and political ) where I come from. But that’s the reality. Too much stress, too much politics, too much Gunxi, too much conflicts, no secured life….. You pay tons of money on tax, yet get little or nothing in return. Immigrating to Canada is also for my child. It’s too much pain to see her spending tons of time on exams and home works even if she did very well in one of the few so called key schools in Beijing. Coming to this country doesn’t necessarily mean everything is perfect here. But at least you have more freedom, chance to control your life, batter social welfare system etc. You contribute and get as well. The States is good but not for me. If I were in my 20s, definitely I will go for it.
2000-6-23 -05:00

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