Partial answer: 1. new DVD player plays VCD, however, the 1st generation DVD player cuts the edges of the picture. so, if you buy a new one, no problem.

sw989 (Londoner)
2. as long as DVD players from China have NTSC output, and if you don't mind the trouble of converting 110v to 22v, you can use them here. 3. you may find multi-TV's here (P and N), but they are way expensive. 4. no experience with Chinatown, so keep asking ...
2001-1-31 -05:00

回到话题: 请多伦多的朋友回答:加拿大的DVD机能否播放VCD碟?在唐人街将P制式录象带转成N制式录象带或VCD需多少钱?加拿大电视机能否播放P制式录象带?

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