Net friends just like any other friends you meet in the real world. ( friends met in the church, or whatever other forms, it really doesn't matter ) No difference. If you are a serious person, to life, to friends.

lumlumq (lumlum)
So, friends' gathering is soooooooooo normal. If you don't like this kind of gathering, if you prefer to keep it to yourself, okay, fine, just keep it. Everyone will find its social circle, and it depends on what kind of person u are. If you only choose to face the computer, and you do enjoy it, well, that's your style.

Actually I only met two net friends up to now, and we can deal with each other well. Though I never tried this kind of big party before, I do believe we will have fun, maybe a lot of fun...

Let's see,,,,

lumlum ^_^
2001-2-2 -05:00

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