Check your lease agreement please. Sometimes they set a very high maximum price and give you a discount for your current lease. If that is the case, they can hike up to the maximum, means no discount.

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Still you can talk with the management. usually they also feel surprise when people just move out without a word, it cost them a lot to refresh the apartment, so they hope they can keep the good tenants as long as possible.
2001-11-5 -05:00

回到话题: 气死我了, 最近收到物业管理公司的通知, 从明年起,我的房租要涨到1060, 也太离谱了吧, 从950到1060,涨幅太大了.都10%还多了, 想换1BEDROOM还不让换, 说我有孩子. 想换地方把,不舍得,

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