it is not a problem. noise is normal for small engines like 1.6 Ltr. Price? it depends on how much you appreciate it.

wjiang (激昂)
For me, 4000 bucks is probably the most I want to pay for it, because I appreciate a car by its power, enjoyment and appearance which a Civic doesn't have. For many others, 8000 bucks is still reasonable, because they appreciate many other features that are negelated by me.
2001-11-6 -05:00

回到话题: 今天看了一辆二手车,请大家帮忙提提建议。95 Civic EX, 天窗,ABS, CD, 147KM, First owner,外观挺好的。可就是有一点,噪音大了一些,特别是踩油门的时候,声音比较大。

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