Tax implication and foreign content

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Go to Revenue Canada site for tax info:
On the home page menu, there is "Registered plan" which is for RRSP.

One way to maximize foreign content is to buy mutual funds which are allowed to hold foreign assets but are not counted as foreigh content themselves. For example, you invest 10% of your portfolio in US stocks and 90% in a Canadian fund that holds 10% US assets but not classified foreign content. From the tax perspective, you foreigh content is 10%. From a Port. return perspective, it's 10%+90%*10%=19%. See details of each fund to see if they qualify for domestic content.

By the way, I think the rush for foreigh content in Canadian investor in the past 2 years are largely fueled by the US craze. I am not sure if it is stll a strategy worthwhile to pursue. there is admin costs involved if you really "maximize" it - the burden is on you to constantly monitor the foreign content as the market fluctuates to ensure you are not over the limit - unless you have your broker to manage it for you, usually for a fee.
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回到话题: 经过几个月的准备, 计划开始RRSP投资, SELF-DIRECTED. 请问您是怎么管理你的RRSP的, 大家交流一下? 谢谢!

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