Could not agree more.

pyramid (金字塔)
I called him yesterday and now I still believe in his story. I also experienced some people who faces the same condition, and although I am still single, I could understand the feeling of a man/women if the spouse whom he loved left him, reasonable or not. New environment is hard, the life of new immigrants is hard, too. And so many divoice story after Chinese couple's landing.

Another thing, I will not feel I am cheated even if his story is fake. When you want to understand others, you should not want something back to compensate you.
2001-11-8 -05:00

回到话题: I have met the guy, [sunmetal(恋恋风尘)], I got some cue at that time, and now I believe most of his story. I just want people who blame him or gave some over hard words to him to do

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