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guest (xiuxiu)
1, I don't think so. You know, the life on a petro platform is quite boring, maybe Steven just seeks somewhere to shelter his soul temporary.

2, He's afraid of that, as he knows his initials.

3, Not exactly. As I know, my several friends got to know their girlfriends before their immigration, and later they flew back to China for the marriage.

5, Refer to #3.

6, There's always such guys, but that doesn't means someone you meet is that kind of guy.

Anyway, God bless QQ. Don't expect too much on men. As long as you feel happy, that's it. Try to enjoy the moment with your boyfriend, enjoy the sweet time, enjoy the sex, that's it. Things happen in their own way, we cannot control it, although we try our best to make the future better.
2001-2-9 -05:00

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