An interesting question.

diao_david (David Diao)
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This is a prelimitary question about Embeded Code Programmer. I failed in that interview, but I really think this question is very interesting.
Which expert can tell me what's wrong wtih my answers.

Consider a computer with standard CPU architecture running at 50MHz, one megabyte of memory, no external storage and no external input.

a) Give an approximate upper bound on the running time of the longest-running possible (terminating!) program.

b) Write a small (less than 10 lines) terminating C program with a running time of more than a googol (10^100) years. Assume a 32-bit word size and no external inputs.

You may disregard practical limitations, like energy resources or the end of the universe.

a) Depending on the average length of instructions and average time cycles used by these instructions, the answer is between 0.01-0.08s.
#include <mem.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
void main ()
int *vals,*ptr;
vals = malloc(sizeof(int)*200);
memset (vals,'\0',sizeof(int)*201);
*(ptr = vals) += 1;
while (*ptr == 10)
*ptr++ = 0;
*ptr += 1;
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2001-2-9 -04:00

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