Haha...long time no see. How is your MBA study.

dropoutinmiami (东北的饺子)
I used to fly Canadian airline a lot. I can definitely feel the increase of the air fare and less benefit as a frequent flier. Government can make regulations but cannot replace competition in the free market.

The only competitive advantage Air Canada has is their domestic flights.

Hong Kong route, Air Canada is losing market share to Cathay Pacific which belongs to OneWorld Alliances.

I am glad some new players enter the market.

Also it is very bad year for all airlines, for sure.

What is your specialization? How do you like your MBA program?
2001-11-9 -05:00

回到话题: CANADA 3000,这么大个航空公司,说倒闭就倒闭了,谁买它的票算是到了霉。加拿大政府也不干预一下。

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