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I have no authority to tell the people to do something or not to do something. But I can tell you that I am older than 35. I became a professional programmer after I was 35.

If a person began his/her programmer career 30 years ago and now seeking a Java programmer position, probably I won't give him an opportunity for an interview. I think I am just following the nature rules. If I lose my job after I am 50, I don't think I can get a new job as a programmer. The exception is that I have ever helped some younger people and they want to reward me by helping me re-employeed.

I guess you got very emotional on my predudice towards the old guys. Please don't feel offended. Some managers have prejudice toward femaled programmers, but we still see some female programmers survive and do great jobs. If you are older than 35 and you are condifent in your skill set and competence, you should not care much for my words. All of us are getting older and older!
2001-11-10 -05:00

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