provide following info is enough. can get visa in 15 min.

sabotage (不会游泳的鱼)
1. Invitation Letter to (?)'mother (?) (both in Chinese and
2. Notarized relationship certificate between (?) and (?) (son and
3. Bank deposit and savings information issued by xxBank;
4. xxBank book (or statement) showing daily transactions for past 6
5. A copy of the Record of Landing of (?) and passport

6. A copy of (?)'s Social Insurance Number Card and Health
7. List number of people in (?)'s household; ( apartment renting lease)
8. Employment letter showing salary;
9. Pay records for past (?,in my case,over 4 is ok) months.
10. This letter, to Canadian Embassy
2001-11-11 -05:00

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