It's quite interesting to be mysterious.

sailor (Sailor)
Just want to play a tricky game with you :-)

In fact is a private site, and I did almost everything for it. If you refer to previous messages on this forum you can find it.

Later I got help from a professional designer so that we have a home page of excellent design.

To be honest, the popularity of is due to the effort of, and the support from everybody.
2001-2-15 -05:00

回到话题: Sailor,有个小小的意见,ROLIA主页的动画很漂亮,但是太占CPU了,使我的机器很慢,每次我都不敢走主页,直接进入论坛.即使打开主页,也是点了其它连接后尽快关掉主页.

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