Seems we cannot use the way of newsgroup...

sailor (Sailor)
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Hello, shuchen and jndu,

I check the site you mentioned and I understand what you're talking about. Unfortunately we are unable to develop a newsgroup, the reasons are as follow:

1, the most important, currently foreign newsgroup (outside China) is not allowed to be shared by servers inside China. The newsgroup servers in China cannot access those hundreds of newsgroups in the world.

2, Even if someday the China's gov release the restriction, still the speed is unrealistic, too slow.

3, For the principle of newsgroup, the newsgroup reader (e.g. IE, Netscape) only fetches the letter heads from the server. Once you click on a certain item, the reader goes to fetch the contents of that letter. Therefore, this is not the case of "Download and read offline".

Anyway, thank you very much for your kindly suggestion. I'll try my best to improve the accessing speed of so that you guys can save time and money. Later when I am free I'll also reveal some tricks of reading in a more effecient way.
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