hi, guy, this time you did a better job, even though there are still some mistakes in your article( forgive my critique), only one thing I want to tell you, the difference between us,

tuxue (吐血)
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I consider your article a stimulus to improve me, and I also welcome any correction from you. you can keep going to do that. as far as my intuition, you seems that you have been hurted by those critiques. if so, I would say sorry to you.

I never think that my english is good, it is maybe stupid but I think you too, this is the fact, reality. some critiques remind me and spur me to struggle, I have never felt those crituqes are evil. (sorry to use my own thought to judge others' feeling); even I welcome anybody to criticize my E.

tell you why I attacked you, no, not attcked you but your E, just because of my astonishment. (sorry again). next time, I will still do same thing to attack such a poor E, not because of the author but the article. and welcome you do same thing to me, I will get more power and skills from such critiques.

everybody can be my "liang4shi1" including you, only if the one can give me his/her attention of my mistakes and chances which let me know my faults.

don't too sensitive and too sad.

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2001-11-18 -04:00

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