Network Security Experts would in demand as more and more enterprise VPNs is connecting to the Internet as same as the various commercial services. But you should have EXTENSIVE and PROFOUND knowledge

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in OSs and programming. A attacker can invade a certain network at a chance but Security Experts must can prevent any kinds of attacks. When I was working as a Unix network administrator, my friend, a talent university guy, invaded my Internet PPP server by using a software loaded from Internet although he knew nothing of Unix at that time. In my opinion a practicable way is to train yourself to be a real Security Expert which requires a excellent network environment to practice and your talent. Checkpoint and Cisco Firewall are nothing because they give you a friendly user interface to implement the rules. If your English is excellent and expecting a good luck in your future job seeking you can try the easy way.
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回到话题: 请教各位DX,现在学Network Security 是否有前途?主要应该掌握那些?都有那些证书?请大家给个意见。先谢过了。

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