I am not so jealous. However, since Chinese females can date with whites, why Chinese men can not? I also said "some", not "all".

marriner (marriner)
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Just said "some Chinese girls", not "all".

Maybe some Chinese females are not racists. I apologize.

I know some Chinese female creatures of that sort are very u*ly
in the eyes of Chinese. And I also know whites have different taste
than Chinese. For instance, I saw two Chinese girls in a resturant
and felt that they are deadly u*ly, but my Canadian friends thought
that they are beautiful. In addition, our comments about white girls
was also different. My Canadian friend chose a very wild looking one
and thought she was the sexiest. But I felt some plain looking whites
were far better than her.

For those Chinese female creatures who date with white,
even if they do not do so, I have no interest in them. So I do not mind
at all. Actually it might be the unique chance for them. I just use it as
an example to show that people in difference races are more tolerant
in their aesthetic tastes.

For my English, I am not 100% confident, although I can say I am not
bad as a non-English speaker. I will practise and it worth trying.

If you find some grammar mistakes in my article, please point out.
Thank you very much.
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